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Stop wrestling with data and software. Our team will create customized lists every week for you to reach out to your voters by knocking doors, making phone calls, and sending mailers.

Each week a Fearless Vote team member will reach out to help you identify how many volunteers you have that week, how many voters you are trying to reach, and the targeted demographics to help you reach your goals.

We create all of the walk lists, call sheets, and mailing labels you need so that your team can focus on sharing your message instead of battling the technology. The best part? We then input all of the results of your team’s efforts so your outreach impact can culminate in the votes you need to win your election.

In the age of technology, personal contact with voters still matters. Canvassing raises the probability of voter turnout by an estimated 8.7 percentage points.**

** New Haven Gerber / Green Study

How It Works

Voter Data Research

We work with you and the Secretary of Elections to obtain the most recent voter data possible. We then supplement that data with our own research to ensure that your team has the best opportunity to reach your constituents.

Defining Your Goals

Are you looking to increase voter turnout? Do you want to make sure voters remember to vote down the ballot for your race? Maybe you need to persuade some of the voters to support you instead of your opponents. Whatever your goals are, we will help you to define what your targeted outreach should be and prepare accordingly.

Creating a Schedule

Your campaign team can let us know how many volunteers they have ready to work, how much time you and your team have to do voter outreach, and how much mail you plan on sending in the coming weeks. Then we pull the lists you’ll need to maximize your time and efforts.

Turning Lists into Information

Your information is ready to print or share by the time you receive it. Walking packets, call sheets, mailing labels and more can be created based on your specifications. Then all you need to do is distribute it to your staff, vendors, or GOTV team.

‘The Fearless Vote store services helped me grow my campaign’s awareness and simultaneously generate critical funding for my campaign.”

– Kris F.

“I love being able to direct my followers to the store to show their support while I am out on the campaign trail!”

– Rod J.

“Alleviating the up front costs of campaign gear with the my Fearless Vote store gave me time to focus on other agenda items.”

– Tatiana F.



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