Our Work

Improving Results

How We Make This Movement More Successful

Define What We Stand For

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We state our core values, clearly outline the issues we stand behind and convey why they matter.

Give People a Reason to Come Together

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We are most successful when we coalesce around political principles that are informed by our various identities rather than when we are divided based on those identities.

Amplify Existing Good Work

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Supplement organizations and campaigns with tools and knowledge they need to leverage opportunities.

Improve Efficiency

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Centralize knowledge, training, and tools to benefit groups across a wider spectrum and with a long-term vision as the driving force.


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Update techniques, tools and strategies to effectively target large pockets of today’s voters.

Develop Inclusive Messaging

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Provide tools to enable groups and community leaders to easily articulate core values and an inclusive vision that creates broad support across and between constituencies.

Leverage Media

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We create and disburse media at national and local levels, targeted to different types of individuals to inspire meaningful action.